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Humminbird 900 Series (987c)

Once in a very rare while, a product comes along that will truly help you catch more fish. When the folks at Johnson Outdoors told me about their new Humminbird 900 series of electronics, I was interested to see just how somebody could make something better than what was already on the market.

Well, they promised and delivered. You don't really understand how much of a better angler you will become with this unit until you have it out on the water with you. I went to areas that I had fished for years and was unaware of what I was fishing. Then I used the side-imaging feature that actually showed me what I had been missing. Some spots that I thought were just rock piles or a hump on the bottom actually turned out to be a sunken boat, bridge pilings, or in one case, even a car on the bottom.

I urge you to stop by your local Humminbird dealer and ask them to run you through a demo of the 987. This will truly have you fishing like you never have imagined before.!

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